What is V.M.I ?
Is a young company specializing in advertising agency, market research, business consultancy, events
promotion and exhibition arrangement.
We have five departments: Account & Service Dept., Accounting Dept., Media Dept., Design Dept., Production
Dept. Moreover, we have a branch office in HCM city. We are also sales agent of some famous movie
companies based in Hong Kong, Japan and USA. Let's start business with the most powerful AD agency if you
would like to make a big success in Vietnam. We already helped Sony Bi Toyota Shimadzu, U.S Embassy,
Nghlson Cement, ect. no have a big success in VN. We will become your best partner with our service.



Our aims
To provide a High Quality Service at a competitive price.
To become a necessary partner for companies wanting to operate in Vietnam.
To serve local clients throughout the Asian region.

Why did We establish V.M.I?
This can be explained in only a few words: While working for the leading Marketing and Advertising
agencies in Vietnam, we increasingly became convinced that there was a need for a new approach. In
order to competitive price we decided to found VMI in February 1997.


Strong points of V.M.I
Strongest Power to the Media
We are a Vietnamese company that knows it's home market extremely well.
Now V.M.l enjoy lowest price in the industry .You n spend money wisely if you work with V.M.I.
We use all media available in Vietnam. V.M.i can help you no issue article on newspapers no support
your Advertising campaign 

I Strict Quality Control
Thanks to many local based but international clients like Toyota & Sony, we achieved very high quality of work to satisfy any kind of demands of the clients in Vietnam. We are 100% Vietnamese company. We achieved very high quality of work, but still we are 100% local company. Our staff are local people but think and act internationally. We can be the best partner of foreign company as we can think of what your target aims to.
We will work only with a selected international giants: We have Sony Vietnam, Sorry Singapore, Toyota Vietnam, Di-IL, U.S Embassy, India Embassy, Royal Danish Embassy, Royal Thai Embassy and so on already. We offer our high quality service only to the selected client in each industry.